Dirty Weekend

In case you hadn’t noticed, two-wheeled shenanigans don’t end on the Tarmac here at Fast Bikes. Myself and Beaky Saunders are fortunate enough to live on a mate’s farm which has a motocross track carved into the land, but has recently been out of action due to noise, and neighbours with issues with modern day society. Thankfully, we’ve been given the all-clear, and Beaky’s KTM 200 two-stroker came out of retirement yesterday.

There’s no doubt getting muddy on a Sunday assists you on the journey to work on a Monday, teaching you to relax and accept the odd slide, amongst adding other skills. And look at the onslaught of racers that have come from the dirt – sure, minimotos and Metrakit-derivatives are responsible for many, but racers such as Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden and, closer to home, Tommy Hill and Karl Harris all began their careers slippin’ and slidin’. Their riding styles prove this.


Getting started is cheaper than a weeks worth of whoring in Bulgaria. Because of a relative lack in development and a halt in technology, you can pick up a decent example for around £500, if mullah is tight. New bikes prices have been hit hard by the global recession, so 450cc thumpers are around £6k.

Local practice tracks usually charge about £20 a day, and kit can be sourced for nothing. Just stick a few litres of go-go juice in, keep an eye on the chain adjustment, and enjoy a greasy bacon bap from the burger van.


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