Mental Rentals!

The weather is rubbish here – it always is at this time of year – but 1,000 miles away it’s great – and there’s a fleet of Ducatis waiting to be ridden there, too.

Columbus Direct is based in Cannes and offers tours of the South of France and pure rentals – all using its fleet of Ducatis. A set list of tours means you can pick and choose your routes in the area, or you can follow your nose and head off into the sunset – and given the area has 300 sunny days a year, you’ve got a great chance that it will be a sunset. You can even do a mix up riding and ski-ing, as the closest ski resort is around an hour away. Surely this is the best of both worlds? A Diavel is shortly coming on fleet, so this is yet another excuse to jump on a plane to Nice and get away from the rain. There’s even a sunshine guarantee – should it rain while you’re on any ride, you’ll get half price rental next time!


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