Charlie’s Dirty Secret

Having discovered that my brother-in-law was serious about racing enduro this season, I got moving looking for an affordable machine to get me going. There was no way I could afford to go for anything new, and wouldn’t if I could to be honest. I have no idea whether the awesome time I have had off road with Si Pavey and BMW, or the Savery brothers of Wheeldon Farm, would translate to 3-hour enduros.  I expect it will but am not putting £6K on the gamble.

It was at this point that my hunt for a crosser became a little better known in the office; Rootsy looked up and said he had something that would do the job for a season or two and deal was pretty much done there and then having only had a glance at a blurred picture on a smart phone.


But luck favours the brave I always say and a week later she arrived, a 1992 RMX 250. A fabulous little 2-stroker that would not be throwing me around like a rag doll like current models would, but with all of the values and pride Suzuki put into their off-road machines.

Rootsy had warned me that she would need a bit of work, brother Rootsy had begun to strip the bike and got bored, so it would look a little unfinished. This had not prepared me for the opening of the Transit’s doors though, a rolling frame after a wire explosion. All of the panels were in a box with the half mutilated carb is in need of some work.


So my ZXR 400 Project has been put to the side as I have a deadline of 6th March to not only get this puppy up and running again but also have the physical competence to ride in my first 3-hour enduro with Midwest Racing. Scrubbing brush in one hand and Clymer Manual in the other – time to get busy.



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