Winter Warmers?

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good idea to wear a base layer under your kit. So for a few weeks now I’ve been using a set you would have seen in the latest issue of the mag. They’re ColdGear Under Armour thermals, and comprise of individual top and pants.

The tech bit states that it uses a double-knit fabric to keep you dry and a brushed poly inner to trap heat and keep you warm. Whilst the nylon outer should keep Jack Frost’s wind blast at bay.


In reality though for me, it doesn’t seem to work that well. It is clearly a top product in the sense that it is built very well, and is easy to get on with the separate top and bottom. But for the job that it’s supposed to do, it can’t stand up to some of the competition.

I start to feel the cold within a couple of miles, which suggests the wind protection in it isn’t up to the job. However, I really do like the fit. They hug your figure in a compression type of style, making you feel almost protected like a good fitting leather suit does (not that they offer any impact protection I should point out). I would say that this product would make a good Spring/Autumn item though and so shouldn’t be over looked too quickly.

Andy ‘Beaky’ Saunders

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