No Budget Cup – Are You Ready?

There are currently just 9 places left for Cadwell, and 13 for Anglesey. If you want to race in the No Budget Cup this year – you better pull your finger out and register.


There are two UK races in the 2011 series, the first being at Anglesey on the 17th July, the second being at Cadwell Park on the 7th August. For your entry fees you get the four hour race and a massive three hours of practice – or three hours of getting your bike ready if you’re Team Fast Bikes… If you want more racing, then teams are welcome to enter any of the Belgium rounds of NBC, for a classic Brits abroad trip.

The NBC offers amazing value for money. You will get a whole day on track at each No Budget CUP event in the UK in 2011. The day starts with an open pit lane and 3 hours of practice and qualifying for the registered NBC riders to ride their shared NBC bike. The race starts after lunch and rather than sticking to the 3 hour formula from 2010, we’ve extended it to give you even more time on track, a massive four hours race time in total. We’ve used the 2010 fees as a basis to calculate the 2011 prices, and we’ve knocked a bit off for everyone, making the 2011 No Budget CUP UK better value than ever before.

The total cost of both UK races is just £1,300 per team, excluding membership fees (£60 per rider, per season). Single races are £650.00 per team per race. All entrants also now get a 10% discount on Ron Haslam Race School dates, and they’ll even tailor your training to NBC racing for you, too.


Race 1
Place: Anglesey Circuit
Date: 17th July 2010
Formula: 3 hour practice and qualifying + 4 hour race

Race 2
Place: Cadwell Park
Date: 7th August 2010
Formula: 3 hour practice and qualifying + 4 hour race


2011 sees the addition of the Bridgestone’s BT-003 RS – the control tyre for the Fast Bikes Sportsbike of the Year test – as the control tyre for the No Budget Cup, too.

They’re  a fast road and trackday tyre, and brag dual compound technology – soft on the outside for corner grip, and hard in the middle for longevity on the power. Bikes complete a lot of laps at NBC, so tyre wear and grip are crucial, and the 003s won’t disappoint. For ’90s bikes they’ll offer chassis twisting levels of grip, too!

Head to the No Budget Cup website for info on the UK series, while you can look here to see details of the Belgium races.


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