Charlie’s Enduro Debut

With race day approaching I had a few things to do to get the RMX250S truly ready. Cosmetically I removed all of the indicators, the numberplate hanger, and decided to treat myself to a set of Renthal Bars. Once in place I then fitted, glued and lock wired in a set of Renthal grips and knowing the Midwest enduros like a few technical wooded sections, a set of all important brush guards.

Charlie’s RMX250, and his brother-in-law’s KTM 450EXC

I fitted a Kriega US-5 to the tail so that I could carry a basic tool kit and even an older camera so that when I really wiped out I could share it with you all. So with all done, 2-stroke fuel pre-mixed, race numbers attached and all my gear put together, checked and double checked – I was ready for race weekend.


With the race looming, I went up to Chavenage Farm to see what the boys at Midwest had marked out for us. A brief flat start, hooking round to the left and into a bottle neck gateway entrance leading into a deep forest section winding round in and out the trees. Really  pleased that I had invested in the brush guards. Once out of this wooded area another flat out straight heading into a right and down a relatively steep incline into a dip, up the other side, a double jump and down a deep incline again, then round a third meadow and up again into more dense woodland. I think you get the idea, and this visit really put a few of my nerves to bed, but woke up a couple of others…. I was praying it wouldn’t rain.

As I was leaving the farm I saw that there were a few riders taking some lessons – which would have been a great idea for me. The fact was though, I had run out of time. I was as prepared as time allowed me to be – and I had just 24hrs to go until I raced – and I hadn’t even riden the bike yet. I’ll let you know how it went in the my next blog.


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