Michelin Pilot Road 3

These are Michelin’s new sport touring tyres – the Pilot Road 3’s. Even though they won’t dislodge the Road 2 tyre from the range, Michelin say they surpass the two year-old predecessor in performance. They’ve been specifically designed to aid wet weather grip, and shortens stopping distances in the wet by an average of 2.5 metres. Michelin say that this measurement can even extend to 5 metres over the competition when grip levels are very low.

It achieves this by its unique new tread pattern technology called, Michelin XST (X Sipe Technology). Sipe edges cut through surface water and quite literally pushes it sideways out of the tyre. Wells linked to the Sipes aid the flow of this water evacuation. Michelin tell us that there is no loss of performance over time, while  tyre life is aided in itself by incorporating the multi compound 2CT arrangement. Look out for a full test and report in the magazine next month, but early impressions are very good.




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