Ride Better In A Weekend…

If someone told you they could make you a dramatically better rider in just one weekend, that you’d be smoother, faster, and safer, would be able to read the road better, and see hazards earlier – you’d sign up for that wouldn’t you? Well get on with it then…

We’ve just found out that there’s a few spaces left on the April weekender ‘Ride 2 Arrive’ course (which is Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April) – so if you’re quick, you might be able to get in on the action. The whole course costs just £130 if you live in the Avon & Somerset area, or £170 if you’re coming from further afield, and uses the Police headquarters at Portishead as the base camp. It’s a residential course, so that £130 pays for all the instruction, as well as accommodation and food!


If you’ve not heard of ‘Ride 2 Arrive’, it’s kind of like an extended BikeSafe course, which is run by Class 1 Police riders – and they don’t come much more qualified than that. It’s a very cool thing to go and do, there’s plenty of riding involved, and the feedback you get is phenomenal. What’s more – you’ll be a much better rider by the end of the weekend. The whole Fast Bikes team have done BikeSafe, and there isn’t one of us who wouldn’t recommend it – it’s bloody good fun, and great for your riding skills.

Find out more, or book up now via Avon & Somerset’s website.  Alternatively – give them a call on 0844 980 0028.

Don’t forget that the Castle Combe BikeSafe event is on June 4th this year – so stick it in your diary, and come and see us there. Find out more HERE.

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