Husqvarna 900 Images

If you wanted to know what the funky new Husqvarna 900 is going to look like, then feast your eyes on this. Looks like it was a nice day for it…

It’s been snapped going in and out of a BMW test facility in Munich, clearly on mule duty. What we can see is that the motor is based on the F 800 range of BMWs (BMW bought Husqvarna a few years ago) and that it looks like it could be a whole heap of fun, with radial brakes, long suspension travel and funky looks all coming to the party.


We’re hoping to hear more during this autumn’s show season, and can’t wait to have a shot on it. Quite how Husqvarna’s conversion to the road will go is unsure, given that it’s parent is in the same game. But BMW clearly gave this bike the nod, so maybe Husky will be BMW for nutters!

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