No Budget Cup, Round 1 – Anglesey

To say it was wet at the first round of the No Budget Cup would be like saying that phone hacking might have happened at certain new corporations. We had an incredible time though.

Having qualified 17th, we went on to cross the line 11th overall, and 4th in class. Our Kawasaki ZX-7R did a fantastic job, especially as it had only just been resurrected after six years sat in the dusty corner of a workshop without even being started during that time.

Sterling effort from the whole team!

No Budget Cup





  1. Great pics from the NBC, are the other photos taken going to be avaialble to the teams taking part? Just asking like.

  2. HI FB

    great pics from the NBC, are photo’s available for the other teams that got a bit soggy at the weekend also?

    Hope so …

    Cheers, Sharpy

    MSM Racing #47

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