Free GPS Data-Logging From Pirelli

Pirelli has launched a free GPS logging app for the iPhone 4. Called the Diablo Super Biker app it can be downloaded from the iTunes store and when enabled measures lean angle, speed, distance and lap times. Once stored the data can be overlaid on a Google Maps image, allowing you to match your data to a specific point on a track or road. You can then share you ultimate lap with your mates via Facebook, as long as none of them are police officers and you have been timing yourself on the road…

Slightly oddly, a search in the UK App store for ‘Pirelli’ comes back with ‘Gay and Lesbian Books’ as the number one hit. Happily that App is also free…


While the app is free to European iPhone users, those outside Europe may find that their iTunes stores don’t have the app listed due to individual country’s laws. Not a problem, just click on this link to bypass this issue and down load it directly if you are a foreign type.

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