Fagan’s GSX-R1100 Sunday Surprise

There I was, hanging out of my botty, enjoying a lazy Sunday and watching MotoGP, when I heard a motorcycle entering the manor. Nothing unusual, but this joker obviously isn’t addicted to racing as he’d be static while the world’s elite go round and round the Czech Republic. Who could it be?

And there she was, this beautiful GSX-R1100. An ageing mate by the name of Steve was out for an afternoon blast and wanted to show off his new acquisition – he was given the Suzuki as a gift from a friend. Given? Jeez…


The big-bore Gixer has been on my ‘to ride’ list for many years, even though, according to Beej who owned a few, they don’t love corners too much. Due to my youthfulness, I’ve never had the chance to ride one but I’ve now booked a test ride with Steve, coming soon to FB.

This puppy is a ’96 model with 9,000 miles on the clock, and is absolutely mint. The only scupper being some ring marks on the grab rail where the Doris has been hanging on for her life. Certainly brightened up a dull Sunday.


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