Summer Holidays

I’m on my summer holidays at what Forbes Traveller Magazine calls ‘home to some of Europe’s most sublime riding terrain‘. I just call it Mum and Dad’s, as they run a biker friendly B&B in France called Biker’s Lot.

It’s in a cracking area for biking, mainly because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Think of a line running down the middle of France and it’s about two thirds of the way down. Well, here, to be more precise. It skirts the volcanic region of France, and seeing as volcanoes are just angry mountains, the roads, riding and views are all pretty spectacular.


If it’s crazy nightlife you’re after, then you’re not going to find it here. Instead, you can go on ride-outs that take you to some pretty special places, like the Millau Bridge or Rocamadour (an amazing cliffside town with heavy religious connections). We went on a trip to the Millau Bridge, and it’s not only an amazing piece of engineering, it’s also something that you can just gawp at for hours (designed, as it was, by a Brit). Riding to and from these places is almost more impressive, as the swooping roads and stunning scenery make for a brilliant backdrop. The missus loved it, which is saying an awful lot – believe me…

If you want a slice of the action, there are a few slots available for this year, get in touch and see if you can get in before the colder weather comes. As well as B&B you also get D, in the form of dinner, B&W (beer and wine) and some guided rides of the area thrown in too. We’re just the latest in a long list of happy punters, so if you want to ride off the beaten track, check out the Biker’s Lot website here, for more info.


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