2012 Kawasaki ZZR1400

The new 2012 Kawasaki ZZR1400 has finally broken cover. After a protracted teaser campaign featuring a green streak, we finally get to see the real thing. So what do we know about it?Well, it’s claimed to be the strongest accelerating production bike on the planet – a fact (if correct) we like very much. This is down to such developments as a bigger engine, that now stands at 1441cc thanks to a 4mm longer stroke. Kawasaki claim acceleration past 4,000rpm is not unlike that ‘experienced by astronauts breaking free from the Earth’s gravitational pull’. Hmm, we’ll see about that one…

The top end has been breathed on, with an increased compression ratio of 12.3:1 (from 12.0:1). Intake and exhaust ports have revised shapes, with the exhust ports also bigger. Intake valve stems are longe while the cam profile has changed for extended lift. Longer conrods match the stroke and the crankshft has been made stronger. Other smaller changes have been made to improve internal efficiencies. Fuel economy is said to have improved by eight percent.


Kawasaki has gone big on the electronics side, with a 3-Mode KTRC traction control system employed. This combines the best bits of the systems off the 1400GTR and ZX-10R. So the computer will do some sums and decide whether to intervene or not every 5 milliseconds. There’s also a Power Mode selction (High and Low) and ABS.

The ZZR retains its aluminium monocoque frame, although it has been completely revised and half the components are new. The swingarm has been made longer by 10mm, and the suspension recieives stiffer springs. The wheels are all new, and save 1.39kg. The other vital stats are 265kg (wet), 22 litre fuel tank and 1,480mm wheelbase.


We’ve stuck two YouTube movies here…

Kawasaki ZZR1400 and 2012 Kawasaki ZZR1400


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