Dainese D-air Street Announced

If you like the look of Dainese’s D-air airbag system, but don’t fancy riding about in leathers then the Italian firm has come up with the perfect solution – the D-air Street system, set to be in the shops in the Spring.

Designed for life on the street (where most accidents occur), the kit is the Motorcycle Kit (MKit) and an outer waistcoat or jacket (where the airbags reside). The MKit lives on the bike and uses a pair of accelerometers to detect a crash. The airbags themselves have a volume of 12 litres. The two separate pieces of equipment are connected via a two-way radio link and automatically switches on with the ignition.


Designed to protect the spine, when the airbags are released they limit movement of the neck, protecting the upper abdomen and chest at the same time. Once triggered, it takes 45 milliseconds for the airbags to inflate and a pillion can also use the same MKit, so long as they’re wearing a D-air garment.

Available in three styles (outer waistcoat, Gore-Tex jacket and textile jacket), each piece also has a fitted back protector, and CE protection at the shoulders and elbows. The MKit D-air Street is priced at £389.99, D-air Street Waistcoat is available in sizes 40/60 and priced at £639.99, D-air Street Tex is available in sizes 44-60 and priced at £849.99 and the D-air Street Gore-Tex is available in sizes 44/60 and priced at £1,309.99. You’ll need the MKit too. Not cheap, but what price do you put on safety?


Click here to see the Dainese D-air Street system in action.

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