Husqvarna MOAB

Well, you wait for a new Husqvarna streetbike for fifty-odd years and then two come along. Sort of. Hot on the heals of the Husqvarna Nuda comes this – the MOAB concept bike. No doubt a toe in the water for a launch proper, this is Husqvarna’s modern take on the scrambler (which you can see alongside the MOAB).

Named after the desert in Utah, details are fairly scant – as you’d expect for a concept bike. It’s said to have a 650cc motor (most likely BMW’s old 650 parallel twin motor by the looks of it), a perimeter frame, 17-inch wheels and big knobbly tyres.


The design is classic, and a great take on the firm’s tradition. There’s some borrowing from Steve McQueen here with the colours echoing McQueen’s old paint job. But we love it, sometimes style trumps substance…


There’s a short youtube clip on the Husqvarna MOAB here, and keep looking back to see if Husqvarna go ahead and make the MOAB.

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