Vehicle design for this and other galaxies!

“The Cosmic Motors Detonator is a dragster bike built for non-humanoid droids on planet Tarra 1.” 

Erm! OK Dan I think I follow…. When you hear an automotive designer talking like a NASA scientist, you quickly realise he’s not going to be your regular two-wheeled speed freak. Daniel Simon is actually a vehicle concept designer. Originally from Germany and once senior designer for Bugatti and Volkswagen; His clients now include the likes of Honda and the film industry.


I’d thoroughly recommend seeing more of his work at Admittedly I love Sci-Fi, but even if you don’t his site is a great mash-up of fantastical engineering, aviation, and motor sport. He not only designs, but also creates all these beautiful 3D and visuals himself.

Active as a livery stylist in Formula One Daniel is also pretty busy in Hollywood; Collaborating with the likes of Ridley Scot. He has penned stunning vehicles in films such as Tron Legacy, Captain America. and is currently working on Oblivion, a film to star Tom Cruise, and set for release in 2013.


Daniel’s book ‘Cosmic Motors’ is available from Amazon, you can follow his work on Facebook and you can also see his very cool motor sport and aviation photograhy on Flickr.


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