Midwest Enduro – Season Finale

So, I have finally completed my first ‘full’ Racing series of enduro with Midwest. My final stats may not read that favourably but the end result for me is extremely positive and will be back again next year with a vigour that only experience and getting out of your comfort zone can give you.

So the tale of the tape is as follows, I started with a DNS, A finish, a DNF, 2 no shows, another finish and finally on the 20th November, Did Not Start again – but this time I cannot blame mechanical failure – I was, as at Clay Hill, beaten by the conditions, lack of stamina and ability.


But there we go, I had made a few fundamental mistakes at the start of the last round at Ford, my tyres were far too pumped and I had to drop a good 10 psi for the conditions, I was too hesitant and again – a bit light on grit to get myself round. However, having spent so much time with the marshals I was given alot of tips, advice and encouragement for next year and its being surrounded by these people with so much passion that will have me rolling again in 2012.


The only thing I really need to do is look out for a more practical bike for my ability. It was always my intention to pick something up for as little as possible and see if enduro was something I wanted to get into. That was my aim and to that end I have had a a very positive season – yes it’s for me, and now I have to increase my investment to a machine more befitting my needs and ability and get straight back into it. As for the RMX 250s that will be found a good home, I have not done it justice but at least its not in boxes in Rootsy’s garage anymore.

So all in all a brilliant season and if you are near enough to the west country visit www.mwmcc.co.uk for more info and I will hope to see you next year. Though I don’t think I will have Fast Bikes logo’s on my bike for a while, talk about a rolling contradiction…


We really hope that’s mud…

Cheers Jack for the images, and all the guys that have helped me along the way, see you next year.



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