2012 Honda NC700X Review

So given its remit, it’s clear that the NC700X is not going to be a thrill seeker’s dream. But after riding the X at the most westerly point of mainland Europe, the bike does offer everyday sensibilities in an ever chastened world. This new concept (hence the name NC) really requires us to think about biking differently. So after forgetting those 10 per cent moments of riding above 140kph, a day in the saddle proved that there is a future for biking – it’s just not a very exciting one. Well, what do you expect for a bike powered by effectively half a Honda Jazz engine. While we’re on the subject, the Jazz offers zero road tax and proportionally much better fuel economy given capacity and weight…

That maybe unfair on this earnest machine itself, which meets its targets and appeals to its core audience perfectly. Honda still has a hugely exciting range of machinery elsewhere in the fleet, and the NC now compliments this.

Once it's at speed, the NC700X likes cornering

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