2012 Honda NC700X Review

So given its remit, it’s clear that the NC700X is not going to be a thrill seeker’s dream. But after riding the X at the most westerly point of mainland Europe, the bike does offer everyday sensibilities in an ever chastened world. This new concept (hence the name NC) really requires us to think about biking differently. So after forgetting those 10 per cent moments of riding above 140kph, a day in the saddle proved that there is a future for biking – it’s just not a very exciting one. Well, what do you expect for a bike powered by effectively half a Honda Jazz engine. While we’re on the subject, the Jazz offers zero road tax and proportionally much better fuel economy given capacity and weight…

That maybe unfair on this earnest machine itself, which meets its targets and appeals to its core audience perfectly. Honda still has a hugely exciting range of machinery elsewhere in the fleet, and the NC now compliments this.

Once it's at speed, the NC700X likes cornering

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  1. You ask two key questions here:

    Is this the future of biking? – probably yes for the majority of bikers who really would love the exotica but whose bank accounts and marital status suggest this as the only alternative

    What about those ‘fuck it moments’? – they are few and far between in this country where the state of the roads and the likelihood of licence loss mean that only the terminally befuddled would attempt them with any regularity. Personally I would rather see many, many more bikers on the road than in court.
    Thank you for a good honest report đŸ™‚
    Peter (Cog) Clark

  2. An excellent report however, more effort from Honda please.

    Here we have a mid sized engine, designed for economy, but only reaching some 78mpg. We are now in the 21st century, where design from economy is paramount, and not a new concept. I have had over 50MPG from my Bandit 1250, and my new Versys 650 brings 55mpg. I admit, I am tight with the throttle and should I want a shot at the 10%, I would be looking at a good old RGV250 or even maybe the RD500LC. Regardless.

    Lets take a look at our 4 wheeled counterparts in this market place. The triple 1 litre from Toyota, 55mpg and thats pulling a car!. The 800cc from the Smart car….thats much more than 55mpg….much more. We have the might of Honda, creating a new solution for the fruggle rider, which brings at best, 78mpg. This is not good enough. The programme manager for the build should have stippulated high expectations. I would be looking for 120mpg…and this is not out of reach where Honda could really offer its customer, new, current, and up an coming, a true option to economical transportation. That said, if the same machine could do 120mpg, I guess the OTR price would be much more than the current NC700X, and probably out of reach of the economy driven motorist (I say motorist as this machine is trying to tease car drivens onto two wheels…..which is a great thing).

    This reminds me of my days at school……..Honda, a good try but you could do so much better. I will seriously be considering this bike as a replacement for my Versys in a couple of years.

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