The ART Of Riding – With California Superbike School

A brand new rider training programme, which was originally developed for the US military, is being launched by the California Superbike School at Silverstone on 25th July. Designed to help overcome the ‘common control errors’ that affect novice and experienced motorcyclists alike, ART (Advanced Rider Technique) concentrates on core techniques – leading to big improvements in riders’ skills and riding enjoyment, in a very short period of time.

Don’t convince yourself that this is just a CBT-like refresher for rubbish or lapsed riders – this is about teaching you core skills and control that you’re unlikely to get from taking your motorcycle test. This programme was developed by ‘cornering guru’ Keith Code, who founded the world-famous California Superbike School in 1980, ART is based on a training programme that Keith devised for the United States Marine Corps to reduce serious motorcycle accidents among off-duty soldiers.


Taking just half a day to complete, students can choose between morning or afternoon sessions. ART is delivered by qualified California Superbike School staff, all of whom are highly trained in observation and communication. Utilising a short course laid out on private land, ART students experience high repetition of procedures that allows them to focus on technique. Each morning or afternoon starts with a briefing followed by three track sessions, focusing on throttle control, corner entry speed and proper coordination of the throttle versus leaning.

“Art isn’t a track day and you’re never pushed to go faster than you feel comfortable. ART is about understanding and making use of a few fundamental techniques that will keep you safe and in control on the road” says ART Director Anito Lauriello.

ART runs in the UK for the first time at Silverstone’s Copse Runway on Wednesday 25th July and costs ¬£99. For more information or to book visit the ART skills training website.






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