Oxford Products Tri Digit Gloves Review

The Oxford Products Bone Dry Tri Digit gloves are a surprising bit of kit. I only stumbled across them because my usual gloves were still sodden from a wet ride in. So I stuck them on and was initially unconvinced of their comfort and ability – mainly because they felt so weird. The lobster glove format is based on the principle that two fingers together will keep each other warm, so you’ve got two fingers going down one hole, so to speak.

But do you know what, they really work, and on my hour long plus commute to and from work they keep my hands warm for the first 45 minutes – a record for any non-electric glove. Once you get over the weird sensation of wearing them, they work just like any other glove. The removable thermal lining comes out very easily, but at least that means it dries quickly. There’s a padded knuckle guard, they’re waterproof and adjustable – and that’s about it. So they’re not the safest gloves you’ll ever buy, being as they are effectively a padded ski glove. But for £25 or so, they are worth the money for the deep, cold winter months when you’re going a bit steadier and your budget won’t stretch to electric kit. A quick scout online sees that they’re just £16.95 from Ghost Bikes.

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