Top Three: Garry McCoy Slides

Here’s the top three Garry McCoy slides from YouTube. Watch ’em and weep!

When it comes to sliding a bike, Garry McCoy was the pioneer in MotoGP. On two-strokes, then four, McCoy used his dirt track skills to get a bike turned quicker coming out of a corner. While commentators were up in arms about how this technique would destroy tyres, the reverse was true Рthis was a method employed by McCoy to get the best from his tyres. Injury and a slow decline into worse rides means we only saw the best of McCoy fleetingly.  You want proff? Check out the world standings from back in 2000.


Valentino Rossi reckons that following McCoy was one of the most amazing things he’d done at the time, and would purposely sit back and watch – rather than overtake! Anyway, enough blathering on – enjoy!

Ah, the classic on the Red Bull Yamaha when sliding hadn’t yet been invented!


Excuse the shouty music on this one…

And on the Kawasaki MotoGP bike, a machine made for the art!


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