2013 Repsol Honda

The riders of the 2013 Repsol Honda team came as no surprise, as the all Spanish squad of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez did their thing at the official unveiling in Madrid. But the bike did get a sheet pulled off it, to appropriate oohs and aahs in the audience. There are no details of the bike yet, but it looks glorious. Here are some images of it, letting pictures tell 4,000 words in this case.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this pair get on – especially if Marquez is as aggresive as he was in Moto2.


The bike looks beautiful, with a new aggressive look and a nice new take on the old Repsol colours.


A truly stunning exhaust. That’d look good mounted on a wall in a gallery.


If you have to ask the price then you really can’t afford it…