Welcome to the all-new Fast Bikes website

new fast bikes website

Hello and welcome to the all-new and supremely polished www.mortonsdirect.co.uk/fastbikes where you will find your daily dose of FB news, bikes, racing, products, girls, video and events coverage. But you know that already because you’re here!

You’ll also find brilliant competitions, how-to guides and everything else you’ll need to know about building, servicing, riding, cleaning and enjoying your bike.


We’ve cleaned up the design of the site so you’ll be able to see bigger, brighter pictures and get to watch some ace videos all from the comfort of the home page.

Anyway that’s enough of our chat, sit back, relax and enjoy the site! Oh, and if it’s not on there already, don’t forget to add www.mortonsdirect.co.uk/fastbikes to your favourites!

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