Moto Morini’s New Groove

They’re following a different path these days though, rather than the usual multi-dealer based method of selling. There are UK dealers still, such as Moto Corsa, but what you will find is Moto Morini present at lots of shows and ride-outs, replete with demo fleets. If you like the bike you test-ride, you order it essentially direct from the factory, they build it and then you sort out your delivery.

Morini are also using quick-hit marketing at places such as airports, with a brilliantly self-contained advert for the Scrambler, well lit and with movies playing on a loop. It certainly caught the eye, and also had lots of attention mostly, we think, because there wasn’t a human-being there to pounce on people. That way, the exhibit can be enjoyed in peace, spending as much time as you want to check it out, without having to fend off a well-meaning but otherwise irritating sales gimp!

Nice work, be nice to see a bit more of this, we reckon.

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