Redefining One-Piece Fashion

We’ve always tried, when possible, to bring something new to the game when it comes to leathers. My new arc-on suit for 2013 certainly grabbed some attention at Thruxton BSB and we’ve had a barrage of questions asking about its existence.



Well, here it is. British firm, arc-on offer their superb-spec Evo II suit for just £749, or £849 for a made-to-measure, either in one-piece or two-piece. And you can have any colour in your design. Protection-wise, there’s a full set of Forcefield CE armour inside, stingray skin to aid abrasion resistance, and 1.2-1.4mm cowhide covering your skin.



We get 100% freedom on what we wear here at FB. The Evo II suit has been crash tested by some of BSB’s finest, which gives me piece of mind for my next stack, and the fit (I’m a 44 off-the-peg) is superb.

Check out the arc-on website for more details