Moto Photo: The Slideshow Story

Sometimes one image isn’t enough to tell the story. Sometimes you’ve got a bunch of pics and a desire to show them, but also keep control of how they’re seen relative to each other. Pop some corn in the microwave – it’s time for the Slideshow.

If ever there was an illustration that a still image can have a power beyond its time frame, the slideshow is it. Add some appropriate music and, if you’re lucky, some audio interview from one of the subjects, and if it all goes well you can end up with something that’s quite compelling.



I think the main problem with my attempt is the missing images. I mean if this was a stab at covering the story I’d have had more coverage, I’m sure you’ll notice that there are two pictures that would complete the scene here. So what I’ve got is a personal account, a what-I-saw-that-day, so the end result will always be a complete story but visually incomplete. If I was in the mood for some art bollocks I could say hey, it’s about what you don’t see, but really I can’t see that standing up. So it is what it is.




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