MV Agusta F3 800 – The Modern Day GSX-R 750?

I’m at Misano for the world press launch of the MV Agusta F3 800: a bike that, apparently, has been five years in the making. The introduction of the beautiful F3 675 last year was just the start of the tri-pistone project and the 800cc derivative is sure to be a banger. I’ll tell you more when we’ve done some laps of Misano.

Surely it’s just an F3 chassis with the 800cc motor slung in? Not far wrong, but there are significant revisions. It’s no secret (and even by MV’s own admission) that iffy fuelling and electronics dogged the F3 675, but major work has been carried out over the last few months to remedy the issues.

The bigger capacity has been achieved by retaining the bore (79.0mm) but increasing the stroke to 54.3mm, which takes displacement to 798cc. There’s also a new crank to cope with the extra power – MV claim 20bhp at peak and 30bhp in other areas – and a new in-house slipper clutch.

Chassis-wise, the sweet handling core of the F3 675 is used but with the addition of hydraulic fork damping and spring updates in the Marzocchis, and the same for the Sachs shock. Newer Brembo Monoblocs provide the uprated stopping power.

Excuse me while I salivate. I best get ready for some laps. Ciao!




  1. A dream came through with the launch of the F3 675…an „affordable“ MV Agusta…both of coarse are top in design…what is struggling me at this time is the “choice”… the small one is just great, perfect power, but has MV really solved the fuelling problems in order to have a bike that you can ride daily without a panic attack at each stop or slow corner? Or are the changes on the 800 engine more sever (not only the cushdrive and mapping) that makes predict to have a much better bike, even if more expensive?

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