Phil’s Ducati Reader Termer Blog #3!

Hi Everyone!

What for one reason and another I haven’t got out on the 848 much this week, other than it carrying me happily past traffic jams on the way to work but, while it will do this willingly every day, it seems wrong somehow to use the bike simply as a commuter.  It is however so easy to ride on the commute, thanks mainly to the easy power delivery in the lower portions of the rev range (see upcoming mag article).

Of course the obvious place to unleash all the power and capabilities of the Ducati is on a race track, there the upper half of the rev range could be fully explored and the twin pipes could sing at the top of their voices (nothing sounds quite like a twin). I am told that Ducati do want the bike back in one piece though, so perhaps a track day is a no-no, but I’ll try and ask nicely!  The next best thing is some smooth tight and twisty roads and here in North Yorkshire we have some of the best the UK has to offer.  My intention this week is to find the perfect road and then use it as a control road to compare the Diavel and Hypermotard against their thoroughbred cousin.

For the here and now, I think it only fair to give you a better look at the 848 EVO and share some of the neat little practical touches that Ducati have incorporated into their supersport offering, so check out the videos below…




  1. Is there an article here..?

    Difficult to see as it’s lost amongst all the advertising that assaults your eyeballs!!!

  2. Hi Phil, Great first blog!
    Having owned the same model for 6 months now, I have found exactly the same points. I always get 100-110 before fuel light and am mystified that I can only get 10 litres back in. I was totally under illusion of a lower tank range before hand. Being 5ft7 the ergonomics fit me perfectly, but relish any wind resistance to take weight off my wrists..(thats older age for you) I’ve done Snetterton 300 on it, no scary moments at all, and actually found the bump up the start finish straight to lift the front (slightly but felt massive)Never had that on any of my other bikes. I have just put ASV shorties on it, the clutch is heavier as expected and a single seat cover (now at a critical stock level now) so its just about as I want it..just a carbon rear hugger needed.. I am running Pirelli Corsa BSBs..far too good for me on the road and the thought of squaring them made me book track time. people always say they love the look of it…I was going to enter the same competition..but I thought have two 848’s was just being greedy 🙂 (if I’d been chosen) all the best and enjoy

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