Trashed & Tested – Shark Race R Pro

How do you survive getting spanked in the head by a Fireblade? Wear a Shark Race R Pro. We get 100 per cent free rein and choice in what we wear here at FB, and I put a Shark on my head because the French firm has saved my life countless times.

The Race-R Pro is Shark’s top-shelf lid and is worn by Scott Redding, among other racing gods. The outer is constructed from carbon fibre and aramid, and is bloody light. Neat features include a natural bamboo interior, which incorporates a ‘whisper-strip’ that sits around your neck and dramatically reduces noise. The quick-release visor combines practicality and safety, and will never come off – even if a ’Blade catches your chin mid-air. The only reason it opened in the crash was due to the guilty Honda’s swingarm clipping just below the visor clip and ripping a chunk from the outer shell. I was a bit wobbly but, other than that, brand-new.


The Race-R Pro is also superbly priced when you look at its rivals. 11/10. Check out the Nevis website for more info

AJB Photographic


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