UK’s Most Dangerous Roads

A report from the Road Safety Foundation has listed the ten most dangerous roads in the UK. Measuring accident data from 2007-2011, the report’s authors came to the conclusion that it is still the A537, the Cat and Fiddle road, between Macclesfield and Buxton that’s the most perilous route in the UK. According to the data, it is nine times trickier to drive along than the average single carridgeway A-road. All this, despite the local authority installing a botched average speed camera zone along the road. Not all roads are as entertaining as the Cat and Fiddle, but the Peak District owns a few other roads in the top 10, including the A5012, the A621 and the A6.



The Top Ten:

1. A537 from Macclesfield  to Buxton

2. A5012 from A515 (Pikehall) to A6 (Matlock)


3. A682 from M65 J13 (Nelson) to A65 (Long Preston)

4. A621 from A619 (Baslow) to Totley

5. A530 from A525 (Whitchurch) to Nantwich


6. A285 from A27 (Chichester) to Petworth

7. A6075 from A614 (New Ollerton) to A1 (Tuxford)

8. A54 from Congleton to Buxton


9. A5004 from A6 (Whaley Bridge) to Buxton

10. A588 from A585 (Skippool) to Lancaster

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