John Kocinski’s Cagiva C594

BJ, drooling over his favourite bike

After visiting the MV Agusta factory a while ago, BJ spoke to owner, Giovanni Castiglioni about his dream bike – the Cagiva C594 raced by John Kocinski in the 500cc world championship. Giovanni, son of former MV/Cagiva/Ducati legend Claudio, hasn’t ruled out resurrecting the project.

You know, it’s a cool bike. I have two ides, nothing to do with MV Agusta. I think it could be nice to take the structure of the F3 and put inside a two-stroke C594 engine, making 197bhp and not even homologate it, just for fun. Imagine the fun you can have with that bike!

“I also have something special in mind, perhaps a limited production and it is not fully decided yet. I would like to make a tribute to my father and we thought about a ‘super’ MV. Then I ask why not make an exact C594 replica of John Kocinski’s? I think the collectors wwould go crazy for it. It has not dated, even now it is beautiful. I do not want to make any money from it, it’s a tribute.

“Imagine, over 190bhp with only 130kg, 20 years ago! It was so special. I was looking at the spec’ in planning this and the throttle bodies were £20,000 in 1994! Even the Öhlins forks were £16,000, I discovered this when asking them to provide the forks.”





  1. To hell with the collectors then, Giovanni. If you don’t want to make any money from it, make the damned beautiful thing and sell it to us, the little people, the ones that will actually ride it instead of tossing it in our lovely lil home and hearths… I’ll personally love you forever for it.

  2. I asked the same thing to Mr Claudio many years ago, he told me that nobody can safely ride a motorcycle like that, I think it is true but I would like to have one for my pleasure..
    I really miss Mr Claudio.. :'(

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