Moto46 Ducati Swingarm

As you may have seen in the magazine this season with ex-FB staffer, Beaky, the Golden Era/classic superbike scene is a growing one. Thundersport GB hosted packed grids in 2013, with everything from ZX-7Rs, to SRADs and a medley of high profile ex-race bikes. Such is the interest, Moto46 are offering superbike-spec swingarms for 748/916/996/998 Ducatis.

These factory-look swingarms are 20mm longer to give the perfect length for racing and are manufactured by same crew, using the same jigs and processes that provided WSB/BSB teams in the 90’s. Many factory-supported teams used the official Corse component but made from magnesium, which was ridiculously expensive and probably fairly parmesan-like after 25 years of sitting in a shed.


Moto46 are shifting these at a measly £499 (plus VAT) and this includes a part exchange for your old swinger’.


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