Matt Roberts to present British Superbikes

Matt Roberts, the ex-BBC MotoGP presenter, has today been announced the new anchorman of British Superbikes and World Superbikes for Eurosport. The ‘Huddersfield Hustler’ has spent 13 years in the GP paddock and, although there were talks with BT Sport to continue in MotoGP, Matt has chosen to work alongside the likes of Whitham and James Haydon.

“At the end of last season after Valencia, Eurosport got in touch and it went from there. I was chatting to BT but things were talking a long time, and after 13 years of travelling I didn’t want to do that anymore. My wife has been very understanding over the years but I was after something a bit different and being in the BSB paddock with all the adrenaline and atmosphere is something I really enjoy”, Matt said, speaking to Fast Bikes this morning.


“Although the show is a bit different to what I’m used to, it’s a perfect fit really and going to be a laugh working with Whit and Haydon. I know a few of the riders and spent a bit of time in the BSB paddock.”

It’s unclear yet as to whether Matt will adopt his posh accent or revert to his native Yorkshire twang.




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