Kawasaki Supercharged Motor

Kawasaki unveiled a new supercharged engine concept at the Tokyo show towards the end of last year, and we’ve heard more rumours of the motor creeping onto the production lines. Initial thoughts involved a new ZZR1400 but fresh murmurings suggest the supercharger will boost the power of a lower capacity model in the Kawasaki range. Whatever, we can’t wait to sample it.

A Kawasaki spokesperson said: “Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has a long history of developing technologies for turbine engines. The lifeblood of these turbines is their blades, which need to be able to cope with extreme heat and vibration while spinning at high speeds.


“In the world of motorcycles, we intend to continue delivering exciting new machines for an exhilarating motorcycle life. Please continue to keep an eye on Kawasaki as we look to the future.”

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