Yamaha MT-07: Press Launch

Ladies and gents, the Yamaha MT-07

After riding 200km of gorgeous, twisting, volcanic roads in Lanzarote, it’s fair to say I’m shocked by the all-new Yamaha MT-07 and its vast array of skills. Ok, it’s partially aimed at A2 riders and newbies, but don’t be fooled by the  £5,199 price tag and budget componentry: the little parallel twin is a proper riot, much like the MT-09, just on a more refined scale.

So much of a riot, Yamaha closed some of the island’s roads and allowed us to exploit the MT’s stunting capabilities, as well as replacing the hero blobs on all the bikes after we carved pretty patterns into Lanzarote’s Tarmac.

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, which is where the MT-09 falls short. Ride-by-wire, unless seamless in function, is a complete ball-ache but thankfully a good old-fashioned cable-fed throttle provides the thrills on the MT-07.


You could read some utter guff online, or you could wait until the 3rd of March and read the launch report in the new issue of Fast Bikes.

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