Reader Special: 1996 FireBlade SP

We like this, a lot

In case you hadn’t noticed, we love a few modifications here at Fast Bikes. And we love a full-on custom, bastardisation even more. FB reader John Bennett started off with a 1996 ‘Blade and is well on the way to ending up with a super-trick finished project. Honda TT Legends colours, Öhlins, gold OZ wheels – remind you of the 2014 Fireblade SP?

Any numpty can bolt on a few performance upgrades. It’s the machining, engineering, originality and hours of meticulous preparation that impresses. John is currently (and painfully by the looks of things) transplanting a 1000RR motor into the ’96 chassis, along with a 2012 ‘Blade dash, fuel injection and a host of electronica. A Honda RS125 seat unit and an Aprilia RSV swingarm add huge aesthetical appeal.

The best thing about this bike? We’re getting the chance to ride it! John has been documenting his build on YouTube, so check out the link here for a deeper insight. Fingers crossed, it’ll appear in the magazine very soon.

Before the transplant…


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