Modifying: 2013 Honda Fireblade

Hunting horsepower is always at the top of our lists when it comes to longterm bikes. We do the fiddling, bleeding, fitting and analysing so you don’t have to.

Last year I ran a 2013 Honda Fireblade and fitted a Pipe Werx de-cat exhaust, adding some Pata Honda high-rise aesthetics, as well as noise and power. When it comes to bang for your buck, the Pipe Werx takes the glory. Sure, it doesn’t have the exquisite build quality and finish as Yoshimura and Akrapovic, but at £265 you’re not paying the premium.


But you still get premium power gains: 5-6bhp in the midrange (around 6,000rpm) and 3bhp at peak revs, not to mention a sweet, throaty soundtrack. I didn’t get the chance to fit a fuelling module and you’d see more ponies (and get more enjoyment) from sorting the fuelling.

The weight loss was also evident. The standard exhaust weighs 5.8kg, whereas the Pipe Werx just under 3kg. Shaving 3kg and changing the weight distribution gave the ‘Blade some serious extra talent.

Definitely the best mod of last year. Check out Pipe Werx for more info.


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