Special Edition Ducati

This is the handy work Steven Galpin: a young automotive designer, formerly of Swansea Metropolitan University. Based on the 1199 Panigale, Steven’s idea was to create a commemorative project to coincide with Valentino Rossi ending his career at Ducati. The Doctor scuppered his plans by prolonging his profession at Yamaha. Still, this is a quality bit of work that has already been well received by Ducatisti.  

All too often, designers get a little too carried away and completely bugger the job. Steven has retained the fundamental beauty of the 1199 and added his own flair – including making the exhaust part of the swingarm. Could this be the next Panigale?





  1. Wow really nice clean design. So much better than that pig on wheels that Lotus will be releasing shortly, before they sink without trace. Appearance should be a priority for the major manufacturers as building more performance and then using electronics to nullify it seems like a blind alley. I could be tempted to buy a new Suzuki if it was styled as well as that. As it is I will stick with my old K5 as, though it is butt ugly, it is still competitive against anything produced now.

  2. I’m not a Ducati fan, but i have to admit that is one of kind, it’s contemporary looks definitely highlight among the crowd.

    If I can suggest, the bike’s name should be Ducati SSE “Steven Special Edition”, the VR46 has, absolutely, nothing to do with that bike, after all Valentino did nothing but fail when riding the Ducati.

    Just saying.


  3. nice design but he made the same mistake that Ducati made in the 2012 model (which they then corrected in 2013): he forgot to leave a hole in the fearing to check the oil level!

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