Knox Fastback

I’ve been wearing the new Knox Fastback for a few weeks now. Thanks to the gilet styling and consequent comfort, it fits like a, erm, glove, I don’t feel it, and it acts as an extra layer in many ways.

But I know it’s there and has given me a little more confidence while riding. It works for me as I wear two-piece leathers on the daily commute, and the CE Level 2 back protector just covers my middle and upper back. It’s great for wearing at my desk too, keeps my back nice and straight (good posture is the key).


The Fastback is made of breathable polyester and doesn’t get too hot, but yet keeps me that bit warmer. There’s an adjustable Velcro waistbelt, and it can be upgraded to take Knox’s chest protector that Beej has been wearing for years now.

I have worn it over a sweatshirt if it’s colder and that works too. At 89.99, the Fastback is very well priced and highly recommenced as a road item. Overall it’s a very easy-to-use, welcome piece of kit that just gives you that extra peace of mind. Hopefully I won’t be writing a crash report! Check out Knox for more details.




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