2015 Yamaha YZF-R1

1 – It’s mega fast. Yamaha is claiming 200bhp. The botty dyno says around 180bhp, which powers the bike to terrific speeds. 285kph in fifth with more to come in the rev range at Eastern Creek.


2 – It’s rammed with electronics. Gyros, G-sensors, all sort of clever bits. They work out where the bike is sitting and let you gun it or back off, depending on settings.


3 – You can slide on it! The SCS system is different to the traction control system (that detects spin, not slide). There are three levels (or off) so you can go bananas with the throttle.


4 – It’s got linked brakes. Yamaha calls it the UBS system, and when you apply the front brake, it deploys the pistons into the rear caliper too. Unlike other systems, this bad boy works.


5 – It looks lush. Much has been made of the redesign, but in the flesh the bike is svelte and very sexy.


6 – Yamaha has gone to town on materials. Bolts are made of aluminium (not steel), the titanium con rods are sublime, even things like the reg plate holder are made from new lightweight materials.


7 – The Kayaba suspension is top notch. The new forks save a chunk of weight and perform in exemplary manner. There’s bags of adjustment, and the rear is sublime too.


8 – All 75 R1Ms that are coming into the country are sold. There’s a chance we might get a few more from the impoverished Southern European nations, but don’t hold your breath.


9 – The Ohlins electronic suspension is nothing short of a revelation. Around Eastern Creek it intervenes and makes damping changes 40 times a lap. Try doing that with a screwdriver.


10 – It’s awesome. It makes you feel like a God. Try one, buy one, the R1!




  1. So

    Today a couple of beauties went past me . A spanking new r1 and a equally beautiful 2006 gsxr1000 . Me not on my usual Fireblade ,(wish I was so I would have joined in the fun) but in a motor car.
    At the lights I caught up and noticed that the two fellas gave each other the familiar ” let’s do it ” look.
    Well .. All hell broke loose once the lights went green. To my surprise the gixer kept his nose in front for as long as I could see!! ( about a mile down the road.
    The guy on the gixer thought….. ” Jump start or not I just kicked 16 grands bottom”
    Guy on R1……………………………. ” Did I spend 11 grand to much”
    The bottom line I concluded . Treat yourself to something special, once you can handle something special .
    Keep up the good work
    Kind regards

    Charl du toit ; Weybridge

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