10 MT-10 Facts

We’re back from the launch of the Yamaha MT-10, and boy have we got a report for you to read in the next issue. But before that we thought we’d furnish you with ten quick facts about then MT-10.


1.  It uses the R1’s motor. Well, most of it. Yamaha claims it changed 40 per cent of the engine to turn it into MT-10 form, with a new top end, a heavier crank and steel conrods.
2.  It uses the R1’s frame and swingarm. Again, there have been tweaks, but the geometry (bar the wheelbase) is the same as the R1.


3.  It has the same wheelbase as the MT-07. When you factor in the fact it has over double the power it makes for a very interesting ride on the road.JGO_0314

4.  It uses the R1’s brakes – but with some slight tweaks to the visuals. There’s a Bosch ABS system employed, but it’s not the same as the R1’s.

5.  It uses the R1’s suspension. The units are the same, but settings have been tweaked to suit.


6.  It uses the… No, we can’t go on like this. There’s a new dash. It’s not colour, but it is very clear and everything worth tweaking is easily reached.

7.  There’s a TC and rider mode system incorporated. It’s not as sophisticated as the R1’s (the TC is just based on wheel speeds) but it works a treat.

8.  A quick trip to the accessory store can daub it in panniers and a big screen to turn it effectively into a mile-munching MT-10 Tracer.YME_MT10_Touring_Statics-2


9.  It costs £9,999, which seems like a bit of a bargain to us. A PCP example is a £2,397 deposit, 27 months of £119 and a final payment of £5,317.

10.. It’s a bit good at doing wheelies.

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