2017 Honda Fireblade SP2

Honda is returning to the sports sector with a vengeance. You’ll have read about the SP1, with its butch, new motor, electronic Ohlins suspension, 14 kilo weight loss and fresh new looks in the website (if not, do it!), and now the Honda SP2 has also been unveiled, to much cooing from us!

2017 Honda Fireblade SP2

Honda is claiming 189bhp, 114Nm and 195kilos. These are some very tasty numbers indeed – and it doesn’t stop there. The new motor gets some extra special parts, with revised valves (1mm larger intake valves and 1.5mm engorged exhaust units), combustion chambers and pistons (with a new crown design and a 2.5mm shorter piston pin)to up power from the ‘standard’ model. Then it gets extra electronics in the form of launch control, a pit lane limiter and a five level power selector (you only get three on the Sp1 version). Chassis-wise, a set of Marchesini wheels is what your investment goes towards. For those deep of wallet a Sport race kit and HRC race kit will be available – and if you don’t want to go to the trouble of fitting them yourself, you could buy one of 500 units that will be made ready for race use.

Honda Fireblade SP2

You’ll have to be a real anorak to spot the differences between this and the SP1 (or have x-ray vision to see the engine internals), with carbon fibre insets and gold striping the only visual clues beyond the use of the Marchesinis.  The HRC racekit contains over 80 parts, including race ECU, full titanium exhaust, swingarm and lots of other treats. The sport kit contains, amongst other goodness, HRC cams and valve springs.