New 2017 MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC!

Now, I can hear the muttering already that it’s just another reincarnation of the Dragster RR – but don’t be fooled by those similar aesthetics. Yes, she wears some jazzier clothes but MV have also given some sweet love performance wise as well (And this is the non-power sapping Euro 3 model to boot), so if you have $$$ burning a hole in your pocket here’s some highlights to wet your appetite on an insane bike that has just got better…

Firstly, could the ‘Reparto Corse’ family get any sexier? MV Agusta has upped the RC game again with the Dragster 800 RC version – especially as it’s limited to just 350 units. Underneath that absolutely stunning RC race-replica paint job, MV have thrown a whole bunch of carbon goodies on from the front fairing to the radiator heat deflectors, alongside a brand new set of lightweight forged alloy rims; every bit as aesthetically pleasing as it is performance wise. Cue the tissues?

The Dragster 800 RC retains the same three cylinder engine as the RR version, which throws out 140BHP (125bhp at the wheel) to that big old 200 section rear tyre. To make your life a bit easier though MV Agusta have retained the pretty nifty quick shifter which works both up and down the box, alongside the usual selection of engine modes and traction control ever present on its modern releases.


But handling wise, MV have really pulled out the stops (pardon the pun). The Italian firm has laced the Dragster 800 RC with an absolutely monster combination of 320mm discs and Brembo four-piston radial calipers; which will offer anchorage similar to the F4 RC. Jeez. If that hasn’t swayed you, the range-topping fully adjustable front forks and rear shock make this Dragster 800 a more comprehensive all-round weapon and rounds out the track focused approach to the Reparto Corse family.

So yep, it’s another special edition and not a brand new bike. But when the base Dragster 800 is so good, how can we not get excited, especially when you get a free cover? All that’s left is to leave you a gallery for your viewing pleasure…

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