Getting under the skin of the new Ariel Ace-R

As far as mentality goes – it’s all gone out the window in the creation the new Ariel Ace-R. Pure, unadulterated bike porn with some impressive figures to accompany…




It doesn’t get much bigger than this – a 1267cc Honda V4 lump which bashes out 201BHP and 143NM torque, which an absolutely mental thought. This means that you’ll be cracking 60mph in under three seconds, before hitting an estimated top speed of 187mph. All with that tiny little screen.


Just like the Ariel Ace the R comes with the old classic Aluminium frame, but has been supposedly “lightened and optimised”. This means that the thing should hopefully go round a corner almost as quick as it gets to one! This is helped by some rather jazzy Ohlins suspension both front and rear, and some big 320mm discs on the front. We approve.




Okay, the price is pretty strong at £49,975, but the thing is bloody exclusive as hell. Thankfully the Ace-R does come with a digital dash, traction control and a datalogger, meaning you might be able to justify that enormous price tag. Maybe.


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