WIN BIG @ Spidi’s New UK Website!

Oh yes indeed – to celebrate the launch of Spidi’s new UK Website at, they’re offering the chance to win a prize worth over £2,500 including £1,000 of Spidi gear! That’s rather nice of them, wouldn’t you say? Yes, so would we…

So, what’s on offer, then? How does a paid-for trip for two, for a full tour around Spidi’s Global headquarters in Vicenza to see first-hand how they make their amazing gear, sound to you? Not enough? Okay, what about a free lunch, too? And then what about a stay in the four-star Rialto Hotel in Venice, overlooking the Rialto Bridge and Gran Canal, thrown in the mix? How does that sound?


So, is that enough? No? Wow, tough crowd… Right, the last bit of temptation (as if the rest isn’t already amazing!), is that when you return home you’ll receive a voucher worth £1,000 to spend on Spidi products. Now, you tell us this isn’t a competition worth entering – go on, we dare you!

So, to recap – free trip to Italy, free tour of Spidi, free hotel stay in Venice, and a completely free £1,000 to spend on Spidi gear. Right, how do you enter?


Just head right here, fill out the form, and you’re in!

Good luck to you all, and to whomever wins, enjoy Italy!





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