Free Trackday Guide – Out Now!

With the current edition of the mag’ (Issue 328, July ’17), we’ve added on a Trackday Guide supplement for you, which covers all bases if you’ve never been on track before, and would like to give it a try.

In the wee magazine we cover:


Track Schools – What, who, where and which are the best to go do!

7 Steps To learning a Track – A little homework can go a long way…


Track Day Tyre Tips – As important as making sure everything is bolted on tight, is your rubber!


Trackday Nutrition – It isn’t all about how many Mars bars one can eat…

Trackday Preparation – Making sure everything is ticketyboo!


Top Ten Tips – For getting the most out of your trackday!

Essential Kit – for both body & bike!


Wet Weather Riding Tips – The fun doesn’t stop just because it’s piddling down!

Hire Bikes – Don’t fancy using your own? We’ve got you covered!

Booking On – Places and companies you should be using

This supplement is only available with this issue, which is on sale for another week or so, so get cracking!

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