Wheelie Wednesday – Gallery – Part 1!

Everyone knows that a Wednesday is better known in biking circles as ‘Wheelie Wednesday’ right? Of course you do! We’ve been celebrating this weekly ‘jour de joie’ for years now, so here’s a neat little gallery of some of the very best Wheelie Wednesday contenders!

Ah, the old K3/4 Suzuki GSX-R, when bikes were super torque(y)!
The 2016 baby Gixer 6′ loves a loft too!
It’s actually weirder to see an MT-10’s front wheel ON the ground!
Another wheelie fiend – the first Ducati Hypermotard!
Lofts have never looked sexier than pulled on an MV!
Yeah, this was a fun day!
The Z1000 may be big and heavy, but that mass makes for a super stable wheelie beast!
Deserted French roads, a nice back-drop, and a Gixer? Wheelie Time!
This 899, which has had about 30kg lopped off it, wheelied like a legend out of turns!
A Hayabusa and Cadwell’s mountain, because, why not?!
The RSV4 – nuff said!
An 899 paws the air over Llandow’s ‘lump’!

More to come!





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