Oxford Scoot XA5 – Disc Lock Alarm!

With the rash of bike/scooter thievery on the rise, especially in dat dere London Town, even the smallest piece of theft prevention might just put the little scabs off their nefarious plans…

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While it’s true that many thefts these days are ‘to order’, and that the little buggars seem to magic up angle-grinders whenever they need one, even giving them a moment’s pause could be helpful, and more so if there’s an alarm blaring away – while many ignore alarms, now it’s one the things that alerts folk that something is amiss in the current bike theft crime wave – and Oxford’s new Scoot XA5 Disc Lock Alarm will certainly do that!

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With a 110dB, piercing shrill, it fits the ticket for a disc-lock alarm. It comes with a reminder cable (we’ve all done it, ahem…), 3 keys, uses a hardened 5.5mm locking pin and comes in yellow, orange, black and pink. Yes, pink…

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The best part? At under ¬£50 (¬£44.99 in most places) it won’t break the bank, and may just save you some heart ache!

To Buy Now (in orange) head here Orange Scoot XA5

To Buy Now (in yellow) head here Yellow Scoot XA5

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