Ducati Supersport Now £99 Per Month!

For the Autumn season (Autumn already, how depressing is that?!), Ducati have refreshed their TriOptions finance choices, meaning you can now buy a Supersport for the sum of £99 per month!

It does seem as though this new offer extends only to the ‘stock’ Supersport (check Ducati’s website for more info), but, if you remember our launch report we reckoned the stocker is by far the better value for money over the S version which, aside from the Ohlins forks and a couple of other trinkets, offers little else.


Yes, everyone loves a bit of Ohlins, but the fact remains the smart buy is by far the standard machine – you get nearly all of the goodness, and just a little less gold. In fact, it was hard to distinguish a palpable difference twixt the pair on the chassis front, so well composed was the stock machine’s Showa suspended handling. Despite the lowly power figure of just over 100bhp at the rear wheel, the S’Sport is a cracking bike, and the best sports road bike Ducati have made since the 999.

You can find most of the payment gubbins in the box below.


Ducati have also made the Desert Sled and Cafe Racer, both derivations of the Scrambler line, available at the same rate.


Of course, one needs to find, create or magic up a deposit for these things, but this is the PCP way!





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